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Los auriculares WAVS personalizados son un producto revolucionario, diseñado y adaptado exclusivamente a sus oídos. Utilizamos nuestra tecnología de escaneo 3D móvil patentada para hacer que los auriculares personalizados sean asequibles por primera vez.





3D Scan Your Own Ears

Use our patented mobile 3D scanning technology to make your own ear scans.  You can do the scanning process from anywhere at anytime with your own phone!


After ordering, we'll create your account and send you the instructions.  The scanning process takes less than 90 seconds!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee 


Custom Fitted Earbuds

WAVS are a high-performance product, designed and fitted uniquely to your ears. Like fingerprints, no two sets of ears are the same. We use our patented mobile 3D scanning technology to make custom-fitted earbuds effective and affordable for the first time.

Easy Listening

WAVS' sound signature creates a balanced sound with excellent clarity. The earphones come standard with an interchangeable 1/8" aux cable and the option to also add a behind-the-neck Bluetooth cable with a built-in microphone, so you can switch them out at ease for any situation. Fast connection, high-quality streaming. 

Battery Life

Our Bluetooth receivers have a long battery life—7 hours of music playback; 8 hours of talk time; and 180 hours of standby. Enjoy your earbuds freely.



We offer an array of colors and designs—plus full customization options.  WAVS are a truly custom product and an expression of who you are.