How Does It Work?

Our custom-fit technology is one-of-a-kind. After ordering, you simply scan your ears with your iPhone using our app, and we do the rest.


We create an earpiece that is entirely unique to your ear, custom-fit for the maximum performance and comfort. 


Custom-fitted 2 way radio earpiece. 


Experience a secure hold, and comfortable feel for your radio headset. Created with our revolutionary, patented technology—you can get fitted remotely from your home or office.

Made for: Hearing amplification devices as well as Military, Police, and Security communications. 


Details & Compatibility

With WAVS Comm, you'll receive the custom earpiece (Left or Right) as well as the clear tube audio coil that attaches to your radio. 

Our coils are compatible with most models, including:

Motorola, Midland, Baofeng, Kenwood, Yaesu, Icom and more.