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WAVS • Which Driver Option Should I Choose?

WAVS’ sound signature features excellent clarity, accurate balance, and a strong low-end presence. We offer multiple options for your audio driver set up: Dual Dynamic, Triple Balanced Armature, Quad Balanced Armature—and now 5 and 6 Balanced Armature models.


For everyday users, our dual dynamic drivers are great choice. They provide a full, punchy sound with great clarity. 


For musicians and sound engineers, we recommend the balanced armature options for your IEMs. While the quality of our dynamic drivers is very good, the balanced armature driver options will provide more separation and clarity for on-stage and live sound applications. To learn more about the differences between dynamic and balanced armature drivers, read this article. 


Also note, WAVS come standard with an interchangeable 1/8" aux cable for hardwire connection. You also have the option to add a behind-the-neck Bluetooth cable with a built-in microphone, so you can switch them out at ease for any situation. 

As far as noise reduction, WAVS do an excellent job with isolation and blocking outside noise. You can expect reduction of levels of -26db to -30db. 


NEW 5 & 6 Balanced Armature Models:

5 driver.png

5 Balanced Armature

6 driver.jpg

6 Balanced Armature

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